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The College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia maintains a register of registrants according to the requirements of its Bylaws and the Health Professions Act

This Public Registry includes CURRENT professional registrants in the following registration classes:

  • Full - registrants registered in the "Practicing" registration class. These registrants are authorized to practice.
  • Non-Practicing - registrants authorized to use the registration title but are not authorized to practice.  They should indicate the non-practicing status when they use the registration title.

    ***Please note that if a registration status is listed as "Suspended", the registrant's authorization to practice has been withdrawn.  The registrant is not allowed to practice the profession until the suspension is lifted.  

Full Registrants are entitled to use one of four reserved titles and are authorized to practice according to the descriptions below (based on BC legislation):

  • Registered Doctor of TCM (Dr. TCM) - a registrant authorized to practice acupuncture; prescribe, compound or dispense Chinese herbal medicine. This registrant has met training/examination requirements at a higher level than registrants with the other titles.
  • Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac.) - a registrant authorized to practice acupuncture.
  • Registered TCM Herbalist (R.TCM.H.) - a registrant authorized to prescribe, compound or dispense Chinese herbal medicine.
  • Registered TCM Practitioner (R.TCM.P.) - a registrant authorized to practice acupuncture; prescribe, compound or dispense Chinese herbal medicine.

The Remarks column shows additional information about a registrant's registration.
  • Limits - Limitations are imposed on registrant's practice.  Please contact the College if additional information is requested.
  • Conditions - Conditions are imposed on registrant's practice. Please refer to the Public Notification posting for details.



1. Enter a name to search.  You can use either a first name, last name or an "other" name for your search.  You can enter a partial name to search.  The more specific the name entered, the more filtered the search result will be.  For example: to search for "Jane Smith", a search with the word "Jane", the word "Smith", or partial spelling of these names, such as "Jan", "Smi", "mith" will include "Jane Smilth" in the search result.

2. To enter a combination of names, can use a wildcard symbol  "%" in between two words such that any middle names, other names, spacing will not affect the search result.  For example to search for "Jane Ali Smith", can use "Jane%Smith", "%Ali Smith", "Jane Ali", "J%Smith", etc.

3. If you would like to limit your search to ONE specific registration title, you can pick from the 4 available registration title options (DRTCM, RTCMP, RTCMH, RAC - without periods IN CAPITALS) to further refine your search.  Registrants found by the name search with the registration title specified will show in the search result.  If no registrants match both information in the search fields, the search will yield no result.

4. If a registrant's registration number is known, you can enter the exact registration number either as a 5 or 6 numerical digits to further refine your search.  A registrant found by the name search with the EXACT matching registration number will show in the search result.  Otherwise, the search will yield no result.  Hence, only enter a registration number if you are provided the registration number by the practitioner to verify registration status.

5. In the search result, you can click on the "VIEW" button to see a more detailed profile of a registrant.

Please contact the College at r[email protected] if you have any questions or concerns regarding the public registry listing.

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